Feedback on June 5th Zoom Gathering

OMA Survey of June 5th Virtual Gathering Participants

Thank you for registering for the June 5, 2021 OMA virtual Gathering. Kindly respond to this short survey to help us with future planning.

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1)   * Did you attend the Zoom Gathering on June 5, 2021?

Yes No
2)   Our apologies for the technical difficulties we encountered. Besides these, what aspects of the Gathering did you like or dislike?

3)   One goal of the breakout groups was to give everyone an opportunity to speak and interact with others. Assuming we solve the technical issues, would you like to see the breakout groups continue? What suggestions do you for future breakout groups?

4)   How effective did you find the content (UMGC President greeting, brief reports, etc.) of our recent Gathering?

  5 - Very Effective
  1 - Not Effective
5)   Our next Zoom Gathering with be Saturday, December 4, 2021. (Save the date! Starting in 2022, we plan to hold traditional face-to-face Gatherings) Any comments or ideas for our next virtual Gathering in December 2021?