Heidelberg Gathering Info

Friday, 7 October – Sunday, 9 October 2016
Heidelberg, Germany

The next Overseas Marylanders Association (OMA) Gathering will be held in Heidelberg, Germany on Columbus Day Weekend, 7-9 October 2016.   This will be the first regular OMA Gathering outside the USA.

The October Gathering will be special in many ways.  Beginning in 1949 with the establishment of the Maryland Overseas Program and continuing for the next 65 years, Heidelberg served as headquarters – was home – for all European Division faculty and staff.  Certainly, more Maryland faculty/staff carry memories of Heidelberg than of any city in the world.  In addition, many Marylanders continue to live nearby.




If you are planning to attend the gathering in Heidelberg please register now at the OMA Website, www.gypsyscholars.org. Click on *Heidelberg Registration* in the menu list on the top left side of the Home Page.

This is especially important for the Heidelberg Gathering.  The sooner you register, the easier it will be to gather accurate head-count information for the welcome reception, meeting refreshments, Neckar cruise and other events.


FRIDAY VENUE                   SATURDAY VENUE             SUNDAY VENUE
Kulturbrauerei Heidelberg      NH Hotel                               Goldene Rose Gasthaus
Leyergasse 6                         Bergheimer Str. 91                Hegenich Str. 10
69117 Heidelberg                  69115 Heidelberg                  69124 Heidelberg
Tel.:  +49 6221 502980         Tel.:  +49 6221 13270           Tel:  +49 6221 7152277



Friday – 7 October 2016

14:00 – 18:00 Registration for OMA gathering at Kulturbrauerei, Leyergasse 6

18:00 – 19:00 Welcome Reception at Kulturbrauerei 

19:00   OMA Group Dinner at Kulturbrauerei


Saturday – 8 October 2016

08:00 – 09:15  Registration, coffee, tea and refreshments at NH Hotel, Bergheimer Str. 91

09:30 – 13:30 OMA Reunion Meeting.  

Please come prepared to have your moment in the spotlight and share with old friends and colleagues where, when and what you did overseas with Maryland (OK . . . within reason, of course!) and what you are doing now.  At almost all the previous OMA Gatherings, the most popular single activity has been this Saturday morning sharing of insights and stories with other overseas Marylanders, especially those whom you have not seen for a long, long time.

13:30 Lunch on your own. 

15:30  All Aboard! It’s time once again for the traditional Maryland Neckar River Cruise.

16:00 – 19:00  Neckar River Cruise

19:00 Dinner on your own. 


Sunday – 9 October 2016

At Your Leisure Breakfast, brunch and/or lunch on your own.

More Info Soon Various activity options are now being planned for the morning/early afternoon.   You will be able to choose from such possibilities as bike rides, walking tours of Heidelberg or simply chilling out with the scenery on the Philosphenweg. 

18:00 – 22:00 Oktoberfest Dinner/Related Activities at Goldene Rose Gasthaus, Hegenich Str. 10.



You, of course, may stay wherever you wish or just drive in for individual days. 

For those who prefer to stay near event locations, we’ve negotiated a special OMA member rate at the NH Hotel of 120 – 140 euros per night (including breakfast), depending on the number of persons and choice of room.  The Kulturbrauerei Hotel rates are somewhat less expensive.

Because of Heidelberg’s popularity as a tourist destination, many different accommodations are available in the immediate area, from the very expensive to the extremely modest. A Website with extensive information for planning your visit can be found at http://www.heidelberg-marketing.de/en.

Here is accommodation information for two Heidelberg hotels:

NH Hotel

Bergheimerstr. 91

69115 Heidelbeg

Tele # Outside Germany: 011-49-6221-13270; Inside Germany: 06221-13270 Email: nhheidelberg@nh-hotels.com

Discount Accommodations are available at NH Hotel for 7 and 8 October 2016. 

(7) Single Rooms - €119 w/breakfast - per room per night

(8) Double Rooms - €138 w/breakfast - per room per night 

Reservations can be called in at any time per phone or email by guests directly.

Tel # for Reservations: 011 49 30 2238 0233/ +800 0115 0116 E-Mail: reservierungen@nh-hotels.com 

Please refer to your booking with the key word: 22.620.792

Rooms can be reserved until 9 September 2016. 

Kulturbrauerei  (Scheffels Hotel)

Leyergasse 6

69115 Heidelberg

Tel: 011-49-6221-502980 http://www.heidelberger-kulturbrauerei.de/en/scheffels-hotel/%C2%BB-uber-das-hotel 

Double room single use - € 100,00 – 140,00

Double room - € 120,00 – 180,00

Breakfast Buffet for guests - €12,00 pp

Reservations for this hotel can be made by phone or the above website. Discount not available.

Members needing accommodations are encouraged to make arrangements sooner rather than later.



As with previous OMA functions, the Gathering in Heidelberg is largely pay-as-you-go.  Members and guests pay individually for lodging, meals and events.  To assist with planning, here are some cost estimates for the weekend:

* Registration Fee:  10 euros/person.  This fee offsets costs of the meeting space rental, coffee, refreshments, registration packets, and name badges.  Please do not mail this amount prior to arrival in Heidelberg.  It will be due upon completing your registration in person.

* Welcome Reception:  Cash-bar event. Individual cost based on drinks and snacks ordered.

* Group Dinner:  Buffet will be about 40 euros per person

* Neckar Cruise:  Probably about 20 euros per person. Final cost will depend upon the number of participants on the cruise and the size of the boat we need.

* Oktoberfest Dinner:  Buffet will be about 30 euros per person.



For this event, Linda O'Reilly, Denise Sokolowski and Dan Bennette are serving as the on-location organizers in Heidelberg with Joe Arden working from farther away.  If you have questions about any aspect of the Heidelberg Gathering, please contact one of these OMA members at:

 Linda O’Reilly - lindaoreilly@gmx.de
 Denise Sokolowski - hiteckrhm@aol.com 
 Dan Bennette - dan_bennette@yahoo.com 
 Joe Arden - arden_joe@hotmail.com

It will be most helpful to Linda, Denise, Dan, and Joe to go to www.gypsyscholars.org and register for the Heidelberg gathering as soon you know you will be able to join us in Heidelberg. 

See you in Heidelberg!