In Memory

Clement Marcantonio

One of the graduate counseling programs favorites and a very special person: Clemente Xavier Marcantonio “Zio”, 88, passed away peacefully at home in Denver, Colorado surrounded by his loving family on January 10, 2021.

He is preceded in death by his father and mother, Nicola and Teresa Marcantonio, and sister and brother-in-law Marguerite, Paolo Cerrone and brother and sister-in-law Brandisio (Randy) and Nicolina (Nickey) Marcantonio. He is survived by his brother Jerry (Patricia), and nephews and nieces John (Gayle) Cerrone, Rick (RaeLynn) Cerrone, Annamarie Cerrone, Diana (Tony) DiTirro, Paula (Steve) Sivetts, Teresa (Greg) Loper, Nick Marcantonio, Lucia (Rajen) Karki, Brenda (Jason) Carrington, Marguerite (Kendall) Shew and Gabrielle Marcantonio (Pedro Martinez). And 25 great nephews and nieces will miss their Zio: Marguerite Cerrone family John (Gayle) Cerrone- Jessica (Guy) Miller, and son Kace and child on the way Lesa Cerrone Rick (ReaLynn) Cerrone- Vanessa (Nick) Beston and children Arabella, Dominic and Luca Alyssa (Nate) Arnold and children Mason, Evan and Haley Ricky Cerrone (Kendra) Lilly and child on the way Annamarie Cerrone- Nicole (Steve) Arnold and children Paolo and Vincent Diana (Tony) Ditirro- Joe (Brionne) Ditirro and son Jack Rina (Nick) Dresen and child on the way. Adrian (Dane)June Paula (Steve) Sivetts- Ryan Sivetts, Stephen Sivetts Julia Sivetts Brandisio (Randy) Marcantonio family Teresa (Greg) Loper- Nicholas and Carissa Loper Nick Marcantonio Lucia (Rajen) Karki and son Arriano Brenda (Jason) Carrington and children Noah and Talia

It seems the Lord blessed Clemente with an inexhaustible gift to help those who were in need. From his birth in the small rural village of Cansano, Italy on March 21, 1932 to his final days nearly nine decades later, he was always there to comfort others. Born into a world-wide depression followed by years of occupation and war in his native Italy, Clemente knew poverty and hardship. These early days led to his path to the priesthood.

He began his seminary studies as a pre-teen in Sulmona, Italy as World War II was coming to an end. His training continued as he followed his family to America in the early 1950’s, enrolling at Sacred Heart Seminary in Cincinnati, Ohio. He was ordained as a Catholic priest in the Servite Order in his family’s newly-adopted hometown of Denver, Colorado on June 6, 1959.

As a young parish priest, Clemente was assigned to parishes in Rocky Ford and Grand Junction, Colorado. Over those few short years, he developed countless friendships, many of which he carried throughout his life. He loved young people in his parishes and worked to reach them with his best talent,-music. Clemente was accomplished in playing the piano, accordion and guitar. He wrote music. He wanted to provide that connection between young people and the Lord’s grace and teachings.

In 1967, Father Marc found another challenge. He confided with his family that he felt a moral obligation to help young American soldiers who faced war in Viet Nam. He enlisted in the U.S. Army. One year later he was deployed to southeast Asia. He served in the Americal Division at Chu Lie, South Viet Nam. Father/Captain Marc offered mass, administered the sacraments, provided comfort and hope to enlistees and draftees alike. He wanted to make sure they felt the Lord’s presence when they needed it most. His military career continued over 26 years. Captain Marcantonio was subsequently stationed in Germany at Landstuhl (several tours) and Stuttgart, Colorado, Alaska, California. He ultimately achieved the rank of Lt. Colonel. He was awarded the Bronze star, Air Medal, National Medal for Defense, Service Medal for VietNam, and Overseas Medal. He retired from the military in 1993.

During his time in Germany, Clemente continued his studies. Always the student, he wanted to add German to the languages he spoke, as he was already proficient in Italian, English and Spanish. He absorbed some of the language (not totally fluent!), but became immersed in the culture, and he loved Germany as he spent much of his remaining years there in and around Landstuhl.

During this time he earned his doctorate degree in psychology and embarked on yet another career in teaching and counseling, mostly through the University of Maryland extension campuses. He made more lifetime friends, his energies and actions always buoyed by his faith.

Clement spent his final two years in Denver, Colorado. He joined his sister Marguerite at her home. They were together every day, they talked, remembered their childhoods and lives, and he was there when she left this life in December 2019. Despite being in Colorado, Clemente was in frequent contact with his friends and extended family from around the world. Ironically, the Covid-19 pandemic provided a sustained platform for him to share with family, parishioners, and friends with what he called the “zoom mass”. He offered mass, shared his homilies and blessings with those whom he knew and loved. It made him happy. He was at peace. We love you Zio.