In Memory

Aaron Hunsberger

Submitted by Cord Scott

It is with great sadness that I note the passing of Aaron Hunsberger. He was an CTF/OCF for both UMUC-Asia from 2014-2017, and UMGC-Europe from 2017 until his passing in November 2020. He taught Psychology, and is the son of Roger Hunsberger from UMUC-Europe.

There was always something unique about Aaron Hunsberger.  The first time anyone met him, they noted his English accent and asked where he was from.  The answer? Tennessee.  He was like that: a man of many layers.

Aaron joined the CTF contingent in the fall of 2014, with the first of the two massive hires. His father had just retired from his position as a CTF in Europe, and so a tradition of service to UMUC continued.  He would discuss all sorts of topics, from cameras, to music to travel. Most of all, anyone who talked to him heard of his love, Meng.  He had traveled extensively with her, and often talked of their adventures together.    

Aaron was a man of many interests, and talents. He could easily have discussions on the merits of specific cameras and lenses, political systems and ideologies, and theories in the field of psychology as well as communications. He also had a humor about him that shown through at the best times.  

He was humble as well.   He once noted that the high school he went to might be surprised to know he had gone on to earn a PhD.  He wryly commented on how they may have shrugged their shoulders in disbelief.  He most assuredly earned it.

Many of us have fond memories of lengthy conversations, often on a myriad of topics.  A conversation might start after class ended and suddenly, one would realize hours had passed.  He often was interested in how other disciplines might influence his, and how he might help other disciplines. His students clearly admired him, and he wanted the best for them as well. 

The school, our students and we will feel the hole left by his absence.  Farewell Aaron, you will be missed, but not forgotten.