In Memory

James Macgregor

James W. Macgregor, a former UMUC full-time faculty, passed away in December 2019.  Jim taught for UMUC for several years, from the early 90’s through about 2011. Some of his course assignments included locations in Turkey and the Middle East, prior to teaching in the KMC area until retirement.

Jim taught several writing, communications, LIBS, and speech courses in the Ramstein/KMC area. He was flexible in teaching where needed, whether it was a unit class early in the morning on a flight line, or to fill in on short-notice during emergencies. He was always willing to help and regularly supported outreach activities.

Contact information for Jim’s son, Scott Macgregor, is:


Mailing address:
606 Longfellow Ave
Hermosa Beach, CA

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12/13/19 07:06 AM #1    

Bill Kerr

I am touched to hear of Jim's death. I knew him from Kaiserflautern as a dedicated teacher and an edgy, witty, and ironic person. I was always interested in what he had to say about education and this or that poet or novelist we might have both read.

He was part of our wandering scholar's community, the "foreign legion of the academic world," whose individual dreams of returning "home" were always poignant in one form or another. I felt that Jim was anxious to
be back near his family to complete the circle of the explorer's journey, a dream that many of us share. 

Rest in peace. 


12/13/19 06:14 PM #2    

James A. "Jim" Moss

I am truly saddened to learn of Jim's passing as we passed each other often over the yesteryears from Haiti (not with Maryland) to Turkey and Bahrain and finally in Germany where I remember visiting him a few times in the German hospital above Landstuhl when he was having medical problems.  Obviously, we not only shared or names (first and last initials) but our disciplines and our favorite countries. I would have loved to talk to him one last time, but, alas...!   May the old professor rest in peace.  Jim Moss

12/14/19 11:17 AM #3    

Duncan Butts

Jim and I got acquainted when he and I had classes in Mannheim. He was living in Ramstein's guest quarters when I was living at Frau Jung's place on Fabrichstrasse in Landstuhl. As a side note, Frau Jung's place was interesting. I lived on the top floor, the Rowson's lived on the third floor. Frau Jung did not want the monthly rent to come out of the bank automnatically. So, we had to pay the rent to her personally. Why? She told me that she liked to see us at least once a month; hence, pay the rent to her.. Frau Jung arranged for us to have dinner with her once a month. The Rowson's and I enjoyed these events.  Okay, back to Jim. I don't recall how Jim and I got acquainted. We just did. So, Jim and I travelled in my car to Mannheim twice a week. He was a great companion. We swapped stories of our mis-spent youths as well as stories regarding what we were doing for UMUC.  On the way back from Mannheim to Ramstein and Landstuhl, we stopped at a restaurant. More stories were swapped. It was great. Okay, now to the point about Jim. I went to the Russian program, which meant  that I would be vacating my place at Frau Jung's. Well guess what. Jim moved out of his place at Ramstein and moved into my former place at Frau Jung's. How's this for a story? Every now and then I would see Jim in the military medical center at Landstuhl. .He was now having some health issues. I was saddened by this news. He was a great guy who should have lived forever. May he rest in peace. 


12/15/19 01:32 PM #4    

Carol Dolan

Greetings colleagues, and a fond farewell to Jim.I worked in Germany from about '98 to '04, and always appreciated running into Jim at our various teaching locations and meetings/events. Like Jim Moss, i visited Jim in Hospital, like Roger, Jim rode along with me to some army outpost or other or the wilds of Spangdahlem. He always seemed interested in hearing a psychologists perspective on the world!  I think he was tickled when i would, with my best scottish whirrrr on the r' s,  just say "MACGREGOR!" upon seeing him.  He was funny at times, and a bit curmudgeonly at others... sometimes both at the same time. UMUC faculty, staff and students were lucky to have him!   auf Wiedersehen MACGRrrrrrEGORrrrrrr!

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