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Robert Hairston

[Robert Bolland has reported that Robert Hairston died in November 2018. Robert taught many years in the Asian Division. No obituary is available at this time. If you find his obituary, please forward so that it can be added here.]

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12/02/18 04:47 PM #1    

Robert Bolland

In my deepest sorrow, I'm passing on notification of Robert Hairston's recent passing. I'm more than just a bit upset about this! He was my closest and dearest friend during my relatively long tour(38-yrs) w/ UM's Far East Division (later known as the Asian Division). I spent numerous sessions w/ Robert at Kadena's Golf Course Restaurant as well an untold hours at the old Tiki Restaurant on Kadena Air Base involving numerous discussions while reading the current Stars & Stripes newspaper and ingesting "Tiki Coffee". Robert was a Viet Nam Vet, w/ associated problems with his 'Nam tour. He'll be missed by a good many people, most assuredly myself. My condolences to his wife Joan and I feel a deep sadness for Joan and the entire family!

12/03/18 12:17 PM #2    

Robert Newman

     I have such wonderful memories of Robert Hairston's Video Nights on Okinawa in the interval 1982-84, which often took  place at the home of Dee Joy. It seems that he was particularly taken with the films of German Director Lena Murtmuller ("Seven Beauties" is the one title I can recall), and used his own professional expertise as a introduction to the Evening's Selection. 

     We also had a baseball squad on Okinawa, and Robert was our First Base Person. Sebia Hawkins was the Team Leader, and always had a Korean eatery/drinkery waiting for us at the end of the day. Compared with many of the loud vioces of our crowd, Robert was the Quiet Intellectual. I was shocked by the news, and my thanks to Robert Bolland for some of the specifics that he was able to share. RN


12/03/18 05:21 PM #3    

John James

I am saddened to hear of Robert's passing. He was a man of whom you'd say, he moved through life cheerful, nonchalant, taking the true measure of everything, not letting anything disturb his equipoise.  And now he's too-soon gone.

Robert Hairston and I joined the overseas program at the same time, literally flying to Japan in the same group of 'newbies.' Both of us spent most of our time in the program in Okinawa after brief stints elsewhere. Both of us spent going on twenty years as 'overseas Marylanders' and happily so. One morning when he passed by or came into my office (when I was Okinawa area director), I was delighted to say "Good morning Doctor!" shake his hand and congratulate him on his newly awarded doctorate degree. 

As years passed and short-timers appeared and left, we and a few others became the old guard; you might almost say, 'lifers,' with a special bond between us.  I liked him a lot.

John James 

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