In Memory

Jane Chapman

Jane Chapman, a resident of Aegina island in Greece, passed away on March 21, 2017 at the age of 85. She was born in November 1932 and is survived by her sisters Faith, Judy, and Marilyn.
With a doctorate in clinical psychology, Jane began teaching for Maryland in 1984 following a decades-long academic and professional career as a licensed therapist. Jane taught a full range of psychology classes and seminars for 10 years for the European Division at numerous places in in the Mediterranean, including Italy, Greece (Iranklion, Suda Bay, Athens), and Turkey. Her students remember her as a passionate and imaginative teacher. Jane’s first love was Greece, and in the 1990’s she built a house on the island of Aegina, overlooking the sea. There she continued to act as a sage counselor to friends and neighbors, even as her health declined. Among those attending her funeral were former students and her colleagues Ron Curry and Karen Olsen.